Midnight Sun Safari 7.6.-25.7.

The Levi area bathes in wonderful light day and night during midsummer. Come and experience those wonderful bright evenings on the way to our activities.

Midnightsun Canoe safari

Nightless night and calm lake surface. Is there a better way to spend it than paddling in peace along the back of the lake? In midsummer, Lapland celebrates an active life until late at night and enjoys every ray of the day. After canoeing, we still brew soot pot coffee by the lake while calming down while looking at the landscape.

  • On Wednesdays at 8 pm
  • duration approx. 2 hours
  • berry juice, coffee
  • Price: 64€/person, 42€/under 12 year old

Midnight sun Safari at the Wilderness Lake

Bright summer evenings and a nightless night are nice to spend hiking in the forest admiring th lake landscape. On the hike, you can pick berries for lunch or just sit on the rock near by lake to enjoy the scenery and the peace of the wilderness. Sitting in peace on the beach, you can spot forest animals as well as waterfowl or just breathe the world’s cleanest air to your lungs to the fullest. Of course, the trip also includes picnic lunches and coffee brewed by the campfire. Come and fall in love with the sources of the cleanest air in the world.

  • On Thursdays at 7 pm
  • Duration approx. 4 hours
  • Berry juice, coffee, sausage
  • Price: 99€/person, 65€/under 12 year

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