Fly Fishing Course

For a fly fishing course to learn and experience

In the fly fishing course you will learn the use of fly fishing gear, the casting and fishing techniques needed in fly fishing and the basics of flies and their differences. The day begins with a tour of the fly fishing gear, after which we move on to the river after the throwing drills. We fish in Ounasjoki, where we catch grayling.

We fish safely from the beach learning new things and experiencing fishing experiences. You can take the full-size fish you catch as dinner, for example, but if you don’t get the catch, you can still get a lot of experience with the new species. During the trip we also enjoy campfire coffees and picnic lunches and naturally discuss fishing.

If you want to start a new hobby, you should try this. But remember, you can get hooked on this!

  • Total duration: approx. 6h
  • Price: 112€/person
    • minimum charge 6 people
  • Includes: transportation, guidance, equipment, picnic lunch, area permit
  • Guided: finnish/english

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