Fishing at a Wildernesslake

This program is suitable for everyone, and give you the perfect first touch into fishing!
In the middle of the wilderness the private lake Kivijärvi with clear water, where we head for a full-day fishing trip. After just over half an hour’s drive, you are on a lake surrounded by wilderness, guaranteed by pure nature and soothing silence. In a calm environment, you can hear the fish jumping to the surface of the water. Many kinds of fish swim in the lake, e.g. trout, whitefish, perch, mats, vendace and you can easily get there by boat.

During the fishing we will make coffee with campfire and of course fish is fried at the same time. However, if the owner of the lake, Ahti, isn’t on a generous site, we will of course have picnic lunches with us. While we enjoy the lunch we will admire the mountain scenery. After a relaxing day, we head back to Levi, hopefully for the fish catch.

Whether you are beginner or a more experienced fishing enthusiast put your lines tight!

  • Duration: approximately 5 hours
  • Price: 110€/person
  • Minimum charge 6 person
  • Include: transportion, are fishing permits, guiding, picnic lunches and equipment


Flyfishing for pike

We will fish for pike with sturdy one handed fly fishing rods and very large flyes. Fly fishing for pike is demanding and even a bit tiring, hence we recommend this excursion for those with a bit of previous experience. Good locations for pike might be difficult to reach from shore, so fishign is often done from boats and floats (mainly from floats)

Fishing for pike with a spinning rod

Fishing for pike with a spinning rod We will use open reeled sets for fishing for pike, which are user friendly and easy to use. They are very well suited for a multitude of different lures. Fishing with a spinning rod is suitable for everyone from most experienced to beginners, and suitable places for fishing are easily reached. If you wish you can also fish from a float (often with a spinning rod this is not done but you are welcome to try it)

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