Northern Lights

Northern lights programs from mid August till February

Northern lights picnic at lake Sirkkajärvi

Available daily from October till the end of February

After we have dressed up warmly into the snowmobile overalls we’ll drive few kilometers by car to the lake Sirkka. We admire the Lappish night where northern lights hopefully are colouring the sky full of stars. We’ll have a campfire where we can warm up. There we  also bake sausages and sweet crepes.

  • Duration approximately 3 hours at 8pm till 11pm.
  • Include: sausage, juice and crepe
  • Price: 61€/person, 44€/ under 12 years
  • Groupsize 1-30 persons
  • minimum charge 275€

Northern lights ferry cruise

Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on Lauttareposet.jpg

Available daily from mid August till Ougust

The autumn cruise starts in the evening gloom. Approximately at 9pm. On the ferry there’s soft couches, where you can lay in and wrap around a blanked. Also there’s benches with reindeer hide to sit on. You can also try to sit the side terrace with your feet in the water. On the ferry there is a camp fire to give natural gentle light to the cruiser. Nearby the fire you can warm up and enjoy your own beverages, bake sausages and sweet crepes for example. You can also go swimming into the river and take a wonderful warm heat in ferry’s wood-heated traditional Finnish sauna. During the cruise we admire the magical atmosphere of Lappish autumn night hopefully under millions of stars and amazing northern lights.

  • Cruise duration approx. 3 hours at 8pm till 11pm
  • include: Sausage, juice and crepe
  • Price: 61€ / person, 44€/ under 12 year
  • minimum charge 385€ for a private cruise

Northern light snowmobile safari

Available from December till February

An exotic safari into the darkness of Lapland. We drive with snowmobiles to a private Lapp tent where we admire the beautiful nature and seek for northern lights. We make fire, grill sausages and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee. After coffee break we head back to Levi, hopefully under the northern lights. Departure starts after it gets dark approximately at 6pm.

You can drive byself or share snowmobile.
Please note! All drivers must have a valid drivers licence with them to be able to drive.

  • Driving distance: Approximately 30 km
  • Total duration: Approximately 3 hour
  • Price per person:
    • 169€ / person (1 person alone on a snowmobile)
    • 139€ / person (2 person sharing a snowmobile, min. 2 person)
    • 115€/ children (under 12 years)
  • minimum charge 6 people for a private safari
  • Include: Gasoline, driving gear, guide, coffee and sausage

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